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Rolex Replica Limited Editions of the Rendez-Vous Sonatina

Three different editions, each with a different stage of romance, of the Rendez-Vous Sonatina Large are available. Each piece is limited to eight copies.

The Manufacture tapped all of its iconic expertise to create the three limited editions. It gave watchmakers and Metiers Rares "Rare Handcrafts¡± artisans full rein to their craft.

AAA Rolex Replica Rendez Vous Sonatina

Grande Maison's latest addition to its ladies' line, pink gold Rendez-Vous Sonatina Large, has complications for dreamers who are incorrigible. A star, which is indicated by a gentle chiming sound and adjusted using the crown at 2.30 o'clock, signifies a future rendezvous. It could be a symbol for the next meeting with a loved one. This reminder of a rendezvous, which sounds softly, is complemented by a day/night indicator. The sun and moon dance in a never-ending dance at the 6 o¡¯clock hour, inside an aperture that looks like the flowers on the dial.

These often feminine complications are a hallmark of the Jaeger-LeCoultre735 Calibre with automated winding and are the perfect complement to the generously sized 38.2mm diameter Rendez-Vous.

Best Rolex Replica watchmakers' ingenuity is matched by the delicate art of Metiers Rares "Rare Handcrafts¡± artisans. These pieces require no less than three crafts: gem-setting, painting on mother of pearl, and guillochage.

cheap rolex replica is the next stage after seduction. It's a time when your heart is full of the image of your beloved. Rendezvous Sonatina "Romance", depicts this state with a kingfisher perched high on a branch of a blossoming cherry. The kingfisher is a symbol of peace, prosperity and success with its bright blue plumage and orange eyes. The blossoming cherry tree, associated with important moments in life, such as romantic encounters and peace, is beautifully recreated in beautiful shades of pink, white, and other colors. The intense pink petals are further enhanced by delicate pink paint on the guilloche Mother-of-Pearl.

The Rendez-Vous Sonatina Amour, the last of the limited editions depicts the eternal bliss of love. Two magpies fly together above a field of peonies. They are recreated in varying shades of green, shifting from turquoise to seagreen. These birds are symbols of happiness and seem to be enjoying their journey together. This romance is also represented by the peonies, which are often associated with wealth, honour, and good fortune. This model is very poetic thanks to the cleverly crafted blend of harmonious greens that runs across its dial.

These exquisite, delicate new creations show the skill and mastery of Jaeger LeCoultre artisans in the art and technique of Metiers Rares "Rare Handcrafts". These watches will be a constant reminder of the power and beauty of love for every woman who wears a Rendez-Vous wristwatch. Her emotions are amplified by the gorgeous jewel.